Grade Inflation: Zeros are now Unfair

Tomatoes, Tea, and Tolkien

A few weeks ago, I was researching the effects of grade inflation.  I stumbled upon an article that was pro-grade inflation, and I found material to write about (after a month of being busy, I am glad to be back on here).  It was an interesting article to say the least, but quite concerning.

So I’ll break down this article here and add in my commentary:

“A zero has an undeserved and devastating influence, so much so that no matter what the student does, the grade distorts the final grade as a true indicator of mastery. Mathematically and ethically this is unacceptable.”

Oh really? So let’s say I don’t know a single thing on a test, and I get a zero.  Well I certainly haven’t mastered anything if I don’t know the material at all.  Or maybe I do know the material, but I never turn an assignment in.  The…

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