Earl Grey Tea

I’m taking a break from the politics to write a post about tea.  My blog is called Tomatoes, Tea, and Tolkien, and yet this is my first tea post, the 15th post on my blog.  I’m hoping to post stuff about tomatoes, tea, and J.R.R. Tolkien more often now.

Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas to drink.  The black tea is flavored with oil from a bergamot orange.  This tea is most popular in England, but it originates in China .  The exact history of how and where this tea was first brewed is unclear.  One story says that a Chinese Mandarin tea master brewed the tea for Charles Grey, the second Earl of Grey and Prime Minister of the UK from 1830-1834.  The Lady Grey liked it so much that she asked the tea merchants of London to recreate it for her.

How Earl Grey is made:

  • Any black tea is used
  • The black tea is withered, rolled, oxidated, and fired
  • During the rolling process, the Bergamot oil is added

This tea is sweet, floral, sour, and bitter at the same time.  It is truly delicious.

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