Gardening 2016: Mixed Success

The gardening season is officially over, and my plants have all died. I have one tomato that I picked before the first frost (it actually looks pretty good- especially for November) and that’s about it. Now I have to untangle the mess of pea vines on my trellis (sigh).

This year was my first year doing raised beds instead of pots. I tried different plants this year- most produced moderately well.

Tomato Plants: My tomatoes did well this year. My cherry tomato plants produced well, and my large tomato plants produced more than any other year I’ve had them. Bottom end rot was an issue though. Plus inchworms were crawling everywhere on the plants in the fall.

Pepper Plant: I got some good peppers this year, but the plant never really grew much. I will be looking into fertilizers for next year.

Eggplant Plant: This year was my first time doing eggplant. I got several nice Japanese eggplants. I think the eggplant plant was one of the more productive plants this year.


Squash plants are at the top. Pepper plant in lower left. Eggplant plant in lower right.


A week after this photo was taken, all the squash plants were dead.

Squash Plants:  Around June, my squash plants were doing well. I had gotten one squash, and several more were starting to grow. Ah but alas!  My squash plants suddenly took a turn for the worse.  They were turning brown at the stalk and were wilting with plenty of rain.  So I took it to reddit (I do not like reddit, but I couldn’t figure out what was happening to my plants).  Turned out squash vine borers had layed eggs near the plants.  The eggs had hatched, and the larvae were inside the stem.  They were eating the plants from the inside out.  Once the stalks start turning brown, there is little hope for survival.  So the squash plants died.

Carrots and Radishes: This was my first year doing carrots.  Problem was I bought miniature carrot seeds.  So the carrots were small.  The radishes did well.  In fact I planted more for a fall crop, and I still have some in my refrigerator.

Peas: Peas did okay, but not phenomenal by any means.  I got two batches of them.

Cucumbers: Pollination was an issue at first.  Cucumbers need both male and female flowers at the same time to pollinate.  My plants were only producing female flowers for about half of the season, so I got a few cucumbers, but not many.

Now I will plant some winter rye for nutrients.  Can’t wait to get a better crop next year (hopefully without squash vine borers).

A new hobby

Hello there! I started a blog about a month ago… but I didn’t write down my password (not to mention I used 10 minute mail). So here I am starting anew (with my password safely in my password collection). I only had written 3 posts anyways. So I’m just reblogging them.  Here’s my introduction:

Tomatoes, Tea, and Tolkien

I recently ran into this blog while looking at political stuff.  I found this blog very intriguing, and I thought I should start a blog of my own.  Tomatoes, tea, and tolkien. Those are three favorites of mine.  This blog will primarily consist of those three things.  I will also blog about politics, religion, miscellaneous topics, and random hobbies of mine.  I also plan to make a bucket list.

          Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable and fruit.  The wonderful taste, glorious texture- did I mention my love for gardening.  Yep, I will be blogging about gardening for sure.  Especially tomatoes.

          Tea is the best drink in the world (next to water of course).  Drinking a cup of earl grey in the morning helps me a lot.  My addiction can be compared to the addictions to coffee people seem to have.

I will…

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