CPS Seizes 7-Year-Old After Parents Dispute ADHD Diagnosis

Reclaim Our Republic

April 10, 2017 by  Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

CPS Seizes 7-Year-Old After Parents Dispute ADHD Diagnosis

Advocates of the federal school regime claim it was established to educate America’s children. Apparently, it also looks to usurp the natural right of parents to decide questions of medical treatment of their children, as well.

Camden Maple (shown) is seven years old and sometimes, according to his mom and dad, he is “rambunctious.” Administrators at his public school, however, insist that Camden is “mentally unstable.”

After an interview at the principal’s office at Bowman Primary School in Lebanon, Ohio, the school staff demanded that Camden’s parents seek professional mental health assistance to deal with their son’s disability. Christian and Katie Maple then proceeded to have a long discussion with Camden about his behavior, believing that they had solved the matter on the family level.

The following morning, though, the school called the Maples, following up on the administration’s suggestion that they take Camden to…

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