Random News and Links

Well here goes my first miscellaneous news post!

It’s official! Rex Tillerson will be the next Secretary of State.  I’ll be honest: I didn’t know much about him when I saw that.  So I researched him.  He’s the CEO of Exxon Mobile.  Exxon has donated money to planned parenthood.  I couldn’t find how much (if anyone if actually reading this and knows how much, I’d love to know).  Still, I find this concerning.  He seems to have qualified experience: he’s worked with Russia a lot.    I don’t really think he was the best choice, but I don’t think he’ll be too bad.

Remember Brian Williams?  He’s back now.  And now he’s criticizing fake news.  Brian Williams of all people.  On MSNBC, of course. Watch him here.

More flags are being burned too.  The level of patriotism seems to be getting lower and lower.

An electoral college member received death threats (he’s supposed to vote Trump).


Threat via Text Message

And finally, embryos can now sue their mothers.  What’s next?  Animals suing people?


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