A new hobby

Hello there! I started a blog about a month ago… but I didn’t write down my password (not to mention I used 10 minute mail). So here I am starting anew (with my password safely in my password collection). I only had written 3 posts anyways. So I’m just reblogging them.  Here’s my introduction:

Tomatoes, Tea, and Tolkien

I recently ran into this blog while looking at political stuff.  I found this blog very intriguing, and I thought I should start a blog of my own.  Tomatoes, tea, and tolkien. Those are three favorites of mine.  This blog will primarily consist of those three things.  I will also blog about politics, religion, miscellaneous topics, and random hobbies of mine.  I also plan to make a bucket list.

          Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable and fruit.  The wonderful taste, glorious texture- did I mention my love for gardening.  Yep, I will be blogging about gardening for sure.  Especially tomatoes.

          Tea is the best drink in the world (next to water of course).  Drinking a cup of earl grey in the morning helps me a lot.  My addiction can be compared to the addictions to coffee people seem to have.

I will…

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